How we helped the largest security company on the island create a novel event to increase brand awareness. 50 тысяч евро сколько г новгород на карте россии THE CHALLENGE: Guardsman Group is known to be a top-player in the region’s security industry for their guard services. However, their other security companies and sister non-security companies are lesser known. An idea was needed to create a fresh buzz about the brand and increase brand awareness for their sister companies.


Trending events such as 5K’s and mud races are very popular in the local market, we wanted a new spin on these fitness events that would create a unique buzz and draw new potential customers to the brand.


With inspiration from reality TV shows like American Ninja Warrior and Fear Factor  we decided to create the Guardsman Games – Jamaica’s first team reality competition of it’s kind.  Where four teams would be challenged in their strength, endurance and mental ability for a cash prize. Each challenge drew inspiration from one of the companies within the group.

Influencer Marketing

We chose to use influencer marketing to reach additional audiences — our teams were selected from multiple sports and fitness influencers. An extensive social media teaser campaign driven by the influencers and supported by traditional marketing was executed leading up to the event.


Our video reached over новости часа киров 660,000 people online and the event proved to be a success with over народное средство лечения гайморита 2500+ people attending the event.