How we created funny and relatable video content for an already loved brand. расписание парома клайпеда киль ролик где обезьяна стреляет из автомата THE CHALLENGE: With a household name like Juici Patties, we wanted to create content that would keep the brand current and trendy while supporting their traditional marketing campaign — “Serious Jamaican Food”.


Video content has been proven to be the most digested content on both digital and mobile for 2016. How can we take advantage of this trend to show off the already well-known patty and coco bread?

Video Production

With inspiration from multiple vlogs and trending reality online video content, we created a series of short funny videos featuring everyday persons trying different menu items while giving their authentic reactions.

Influencer Marketing

We chose to audition for the cast via our social media platforms, and find the brand’s most beloved fans and followers. A CTA was placed for fans to sign-up on which also allowed us to build a database that can be used for future marketing purposes.


Our fan’s authentic and humorous reactions resonated well with Juici Patties’ audience with all конспекты по информатике 9 класс 6 videos receiving over возможность решения задачи 114,000 minutes of viewing time and counting.